Have a Gala Time!

This year for our Gala Dinner we have a real treat in store for you. RTC will be taking you to Palácio da Bolsa which was built in the 19th century by the city’s Commercial Association. The architectural influence of this building is that of neoclassical style.

A little glimpse into the history of this building. The Palacio da Bolsa is located beside the St Francis Church of Porto, which was once part of the St Francis Convent, founded in the 13th century. Unfortunately, in 1832, during the Liberal Wars, a fire destroyed the cloisters of the convent, sparing the church. In 1841, Queen Mary II donated the convent ruins to the merchants of the city, who decided to use the spot to build the seat of the Commercial Association.

In 1842, a local architect by the name of Joaquim da Costa Lima Junior, designed a neoclassical palace of Palladin influence, thus commencing the construction of this building. Majority of the palace was finished by 1850, however the decoration of the interior was only completed in 1910 and involved several different artists.

Apart from being a unique and exclusive place, it annually attracts more than 300,000 visitors, being among the most visited monuments in the north of Portugal. Whilst you enjoy the marvellous architecture of this building, a 3-course meal will be served in the Hall of Nations. A place were the past and present intersect in ambiences and traditional flavours with unusual touches of modernity.

As usual the awards will be the first part of the night followed by live entertainment. The evening function will begin at 7.00pm and will end at 12.00am.

We look forward to seeing you in Porto and look forward to announcing registration opening very soon.

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