Have you registered????

The time is NOW!  What are you waiting for?

There once was a guy named phil, who was very excited to go to a BIM conference but he waited to register until later…. and later…. and the days turned to weeks… and the weeks turned to a month… and then in the days before the event, he finally got around to registering.

and you know what happened?  ALL THE CLASSES PHIL WANTED TO TAKE WERE FULL!

No more room!  The class on advanced formulas in family creation, FULL.  The case study for that cool building in Australia done from start to finish in Revit by the designers to the builders to the operators, FULL.  Template building essentials, FULL.  The labs to teach him the fundamentals of DYNAMO, FULL


Don’t be Phil!

Don’t get left out! Class spaces are filling fast.  Register today!


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