Hello DTS, Sayonara RTC Australia

Ok so to be honest I was not in Australia (I will make it one of these years); but based on some of the Tweets I saw go by I’m sure it was a good time. So why mention RTC Australia at all, if I didn’t attend; because I want to attend RTC Australia and the reason why is the same reason why we started the Design Technology Summit in the first place. The chance to attend RTC Australia is not about the classes (I’m sure they’re good, but so are the classes in North America), it’s not entirely about location (as much as I do want to get to Australia), it’s about meeting like-minded people to have conversations and discussions about our shared interests and to learn something from them, even if it is to learn that we might simply be different (for instance their silly devotion to some outmoded system of measurement called metric).

DTS is a great way to get RTC started; we welcome Design Technology leaders from firms with more than one geographic location or more than 100 staff members. The focus at DTS is pertinent and relevant conversations between leaders in Design Technology at Architecture, Engineering design firms. It is a great opportunity and forum to hear from others and share with them to develop common approaches and solutions to the challenges of Design Technology.

Afraid you don’t have something to share? Nervous that you might be giving up something that helps your firm be more successful? Put your fears at rest, almost everyone ends up having something to share and as to competitive advantage; even if you gave your peers a detailed road-map they would still have to implement it themselves, which more often is the bigger challenge.

Want to get an idea of the topics we would like to discuss, check out our previous blog posts.

DTS runs from midday Tuesday (July 12th) through all day Wednesday (July 13th) and has a limited number of seats; but we still have availability. I should also mention you are free to attend DTS and not attend RTC! DTS is its own event under the RTC Events umbrella, come to DTS and stay for RTC (if you want to).

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