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Wow! I have just registered myself to attend BILT ANZ, and despite planning the schedule with the organising committee since November, it’s really hit me how hard it can be to decide which conference sessions to attend in each time slot. It is genuinely a good problem. The schedule features so many great presenters with so many great topics, and I expect to find myself floating between them at various times during the day.

I’m especially excited about the maturation of our newer topics and audience types. Our push to provide high-value content for project participants beyond architects and engineers is something I’m especially proud of. We’ve sought to be more inclusive of professionals from construction, estimation, project management, as well as owners and operators and we are making significant progress.

While I believe it’s true that ‘if you build it, they will come’, we still need your support. Not only do we want you to attend; we want you to actively encourage others to attend – those you think will benefit from joining us in Brisbane. Who’s part of your project team that would benefit?  BILT is an event not just about Revit, or any software, or design, or even buildings. This event is an opportunity to get people from all roles within AECO/FM projects together and learn from each other; to identify and solve problems; to share good practice and consequently develop best practice. Our ‘passionate problem-solver’ demographic can continue to grow, and make a greater impact on industry – with your help.

If you’ve attended before, or if you’re set to attend this year, do please think seriously about who else stands to gain. Not just your colleagues, but others you work on projects with – your sub-consultants, your quantity surveyor, your project manager, your contractor, your client. Send them a link to this blog post, and let them peruse the BILT ANZ 2018 event schedule. Better than that: highlight some sessions for them that you think they’d benefit from attending.

We want to ‘move the needle’ through our community, and for our industry. I exhort you, whether attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors or otherwise to contribute to, and benefit from it!


Image credit: Hands Bonsai Soil photo by Kyle Ellefson (@kylellefson)

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