Help Wanted

Help Wanted 02b

Here we go, we are heading down the home stretch in preparation for RTCNA 2015!  As preparations heat up behind the scenes we are looking for contributions from YOU!

Got a question for one of the Revit Founding Fathers?  As noted in my previous post, we will have several of the founders of Revit coming in for a very special Keynote.  This provides us all with the opportunity to ask them about the early days of Revit.  Do you have a question you would like to ask them?  It is easy, just CLICK HERE, and send us the question.  We will take it from there.  We will even mention your name if you’d like.

Got old Revit project images?  During the keynote we plan on showing images of the team in the early days along with projects completed in Revit 1.0 – 4.0.  Do you have any other images from those early days?  If you have any projects or other images (video?), please CLICK HERE and submit them.  Please indicate the project name, project location and firm, so we can give proper credit.

Got old Revit memorabilia?  We are also planning on showing some of the Revit memorabilia during the keynote.  If you have pictures of the items please CLICK HERE and send them in for the slide show.  If you still have the item(s) and would like to have them displayed in our “Museum of Revit” display in the exhibit hall, please CLICK HERE and let us know what you have.  All items will be returned Saturday after the closing plenary session.

Remember RTC is a sharing community, don’t be shy, get involved and share!

See you in 3 short weeks!

Jim Balding – Chairman, RTC North America

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