Hi Everybody!

Hi everyone, my name is Megan and I’m a new addition to the DTS committee. I’m very honored and excited to be part of this committee. I’m hoping to help us form solutions to the common industry issues that we’ve identified at the summits as well as find a way to unify our design technology practices.

Here’s a little bit about myself: I began working in the AEC industry at JBA Consulting Engineers a little over 9 years ago as an Electrical Designer. This was right around the same time that our company was entering the BIM world. I was immediately drawn toward BIM because it was new and exciting for me and I felt it had the capability to transform how our projects were executed and delivered.

I loved the puzzle of figuring out how to integrate these technologies into our company’s processes; I quickly became the “go to” person for all things BIM and Revit. Now five years into my role as the Manager of Design Technology, I’ve spearheaded our company’s full move into BIM and standardization. We’ve grown from a few Revit users in our “alpha team” to the entire production team being Revit trained and have also successfully created and maintained a single core standard that is followed by all JBA offices globally.

Of course, I don’t only think about design technology. I also have a passion for video games, board games, and all things Disney. So, please reach out to me if you’d like to talk about anything from design technology solutions to The Nightmare Before Christmas.  :-)

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