His name is Wesley…

Putting on RTC Conferences takes a lot of really hard work by an incredibly dedicated and talented team. Each event requires more than a year of planning in order to bring our delegates, exhibitors and sponsors the best event possible. That’s right – we’re already planning the next year’s event before this year’s event concludes.

After each conference everyone heads home – except for the RTC committee! We spend the Sunday immediately after the conference obsessing over every detail. If you were to drop in on the committee room during this meeting you’d find us passionately discussing what was really successful about the conference as well as where there needs to be improvement. We do this while our notes and minds are fresh in order to capture all of our observations and discuss suggestions together as a committed team.

After Sunday’s meeting we head our for a casual dinner and relax!

The following Monday it’s time to let off some steam as a team and meet in a more casual setting. So after the 2015 RTCAUS conference on the Gold Coast of Australia, the RTC committee got together to play on an eco-reserve island. It took about 30 minutes to get to the island by boat.

Wesley can’t help being a proud dad. After all, the RTC conference is his baby. And from the video above you’ll see he’s quick with a smile and easy going. And he’s not afraid to laugh at himself.

Video compliments of https://twitter.com/jvandezande.

Enjoy! Hope to see you at RTCNA!

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