Home Stretch

The real countdown to RTC Events week in Toronto has now begun with the wrap-up of BILT ANZ this past weekend downunder. Now focus turns to the August North American RTC Events week made up of DTS, BCS, Data Day and the crowing event BILT, all occurring in the fair Canadian city of Toronto. We have hit 50% registration for DTS and we’d love to see registration hit our capacity well before the first week of August. We expect to have a fully published agenda within the next two weeks if that has been keeping you on the fence.

As you hopefully know by now this year the focus is on Innovation, but that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting about our two other key topics of discussion, Management & Collaboration. The committee has been busy discussing how to fold discussions about those two topics into Innovation. In the past, we (DTS) focused quite a bit of energy on the “here and now” of those two topics. Therefore, in the context of Innovation we want to make sure we are discussing more than the age-old complaints about “how managers don’t get it” and “the staff never have enough time”. For us the big question is, what impact can (or has) innovation have on these areas or has had? Our area of debate has been how to properly cultivate that larger question into a series of focused discussion topics that will capture your imagination and make you glad that you attended.

Have some thoughts already, don’t hesitate to share them with us, better yet apply to attend DTS and we’ll be happy to give you consideration!

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