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RTC Europe is only 30 days away!! If that isn’t exciting enough, I thought I would use this blog to highlight a few more of our hottest sessions that you as a delegate have the opportunity to attend at RTC. However, I found it hard to choose from all the fantastic sessions we have, so thought to myself, why not get those who are already registered to help me.

Here is a small sample of the highest registered to classes so far, sessions are ordered in time and date order (not in the order of the highest registered).

  1. Architect’s Next Top Model – How to Create Stunning Drawings in Revit – Lejla Secerbegovic
    This session will teach you how to tweak your 2D and 3D views until they look simply amazing. You will learn the ropes of Revit’s inner secrets when it comes to graphics and tagging.
  2. LAB: DynaWorks Introduction – Adam Sheather – LIMITED PLACES LEFT
    DynaWorks is a Dynamo library for Navisworks. This class will provide material and teach you how to access Navisworks data, clashes and view information all from with Revit using the Autodesk Dynamo Add-on. No Dynamo experience is assumed. 
  3. Families in Motion: New and Exciting Methods That Make Your Revit Families Move: – Marcello Sgambelluri
    Marcello will show you how to create parameters within the Revit software’s massing, adaptive component and traditional Family Editors so your families can move, for example folding-door rotation. He will teach you new and exciting methods that could be applied to most 2D and 3D Revit families.
  4. Impossible – Håvard Vasshaug
    Learn how Snøhetta modelled the living crap out of Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper and Dynamo. In an exercise that seemed impossible, these designers scripted and automated the creation of one of the most complex Revit models ever made.
  5. LAB: DynaConstruct – Julien Benoit – PLACES BOOKING UP FAST
    In this lab discover some efficient cases for Dynamo in the Construction field. Documentation efficiency, reliability, automation. Find out how Dynamo could be a part of the construction process, in connection with the technology you are used to. Dynamo goes to the field.
  6. Collaboration Strategies: Implement Specific Tools For Highly Collaborative Projects – Amrita Bajwa
    Review how to determine project characteristics and identify how the team dynamics can impact the project goals.
  7. Unexpected BIM Champions: Notepads++, Excel, and Journal Files – Aaron Maller
    Learn to leverage NotePad++, Microsoft Excel, Bulk Rename Utility, Powershell, and Revit Journal Files (together!) to accomplish the labour intensive tasks of migrating Component Libraries between different Companies (or Nations) standards and guidelines.
  8. If Only I Knew How to Develop a BIM Training Program for Project Managers – David Spehar
    In this session you will break down what you need to know to successfully develop a training program to educate Project Managers and Design Managers on how to plan for and properly implement BIM.
  9. LAB: Detail like a Super Hero! Using Self-Detailing Components to Maximise Efficiency – Paul Woddy – JUST 5 PLACES LEFT
    You may have built parametric 2D and 3D components and you may have created a really good detail library to speed up your process, but do you combine the two and bring efficiency up to super-hero levels in both standard and system families?
  10. Real Time Rendering and VR for Revit – Joe Banks 
    Real time rendering is the only way to create a truly immersive 3D environment that a user can explore the virtual world with total freedom of movement, in this session you will see a number of software options to get you from Revit to VR and oculus in as little as 2 clicks.

If you haven’t yet registered and selected your sessions, make sure you do soon or you may be left disappointed when you aren’t able to secure your spot in a session you really wanted to attend. Labs have limited spaces and are getting close to filling up!

REGISTER TODAY or if you have and not yet selected your sessions go in and do it now by MODIFYIING your registration, all you need is your reference number and email address to log back in.

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