Hot. Very, Very Hot

For those of you that remember the RTC conference in Stone Mountain, Georgia – you probably remember the heat. It was hot. It was very hot. When I drove back from Atlanta to Charlotte in the afternoon – it was 110°.

Atlanta was very hot.

Scottsdale will be very, very hot.

You should prepare accordingly (and perhaps even seriously).

This past weekend in Phoenix, the temperature registered 120°F. That’s nearly 50°C. That’s dangerously hot for the uninitiated and ill-prepared. And don’t give me that crap about it being  “dry heat”. It’s like checking the oven to see if the cookies are done and getting that really hot blast in your face – without the smell of cookies.

For example if you go out during the middle the day you must have a hat, sunscreen and water with you at all times.

Going out in the morning or the evening should be far more tolerable. But you should still have a hat and water and sunscreen if you’re in the direct sun. It will only be hot. Not very hot or very, very hot. The evening should get down to about 85°F – about 30°C. So if you’re playing golf in the morning or sitting poolside in the evening you’ll be great.

And speaking of poolside, the Friday night function is going to be a blast. There will be entertainment, hot food and cold drinks. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit, that’s fine just remember that you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of pasty, white technology geeks that aren’t in the best of shape either. In other words, you’ll be in very fine company. And they’ll be in their swimsuits probably doing cannonballs from the edge of pool. Why not join in?!

So pack your shorts, pack your T-shirts, pack your swimsuit –and be ready to meet everybody poolside on Friday night. If you don’t care to swim, that’s fine – though you might want to keep your iPhone out of your pocket and maybe leave your watch back at the room.

Just sayin’.

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