How data-savvy are you?

I am not a fan of acronyms or vagaries. I don’t like words like ‘value’ or ‘quality’. I especially don’t like ‘BIM’ or ‘LOD’.  Why? Because all too often, when people use them, they mean something entirely different to someone else, through ignorance or experience, and the conversation continues – all the while multiple different interpretations of these terms in use, causing problems downstream. I like to avoid this wherever possible and work with others with a clearer path forward.

‘Data’ is another term I am reluctant to use. It’s used very broadly in my experience; sometimes synonymous with ‘information’. Sometimes it’s used to describe something less refined; nebulous, or a raw, benign form of ‘information’.

The data you tend to use on a day-to-day basis is likely to be quite different to that which I do – even if we’re both in the same industry. It would seem to me that some other industries have a much better handle on their data than we do in AECO/FM.

All that said, I like some new terms for what they evoke. ‘Data-savvy’ is a favourite of mine.  How data-savvy are you?  How clever, how capable are you with what you can do with data?  Can you turn raw data into pearls of wisdom? Mountains of value? It’s easy to claim and less easy to prove.

At Data Day, we’ll be tackling important questions related to data and our AECO/FM industry. As stimuli, we’ll hear from a small number of key speakers. We’ll have some structured group discussions and workshops, and we’ll record and share our conclusions and next steps. To find more or to register, go to the Data Day website, and stay tuned for news about speaker appointments in the near future.

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