How to Write Your RTC Abstract

Time is running out and we need your proposals for RTC ASIA 2017 at Marina Bay Sands!  But how exactly do you write a good abstract? Let me help a little bit.

An abstract shouldn’t be too long or too short. A few paragraphs should suffice, enough to give us an idea that your presentation will be interesting and you are a knowledgeable speaker.

Your presentation does not have to include Revit. We are open to all comers. We welcome other platforms and new tools in the market. If it’s useful, we are interested!

We have a whole list of topics on the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION PAGE

Other things to include in your RTC Asia Abstract:

  • A few lines about yourself.
    • Where do you work? What do you do?
  • Tell us about the relevant topic for your proposal
    • Architecture?  Engineering?  Construction?
    • BIM management?  Revit tips?  Family building?
    • Visualization?  Workflows? Legos?
  • Give your class a title!
    • Something catchy always helps!
  • What is your format?
    • Will it be a lecture? A panel discussion? A Lab?
  • Summarize your Class description
    • Why do people NEED to take your class?
    • What problem are you addressing?
    • What software or workflows are being presented?
  • List a few learning objectives
    • What key skills will attendees learn?
    • 3-5 should suffice
  • Give some thought to your target audience and the level of expertise required
    • Is this an overview for executives?
    • Basics for newcomers?
    • Are you going to geek out and get very detailed?

You only have until AUGUST 31 to get in your proposals!  No time to waste!


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