Howdy Neighbor!

Now that we’re all back from RTC and back to our respective day jobs, let’s take a moment and look at some attendees stats.

This year there were delegates from 11 countries and not surprisingly the  the majority of attendees were from the US, followed by Canada and Australia. In the past, international attendees made up over from 10%-15% of the conference delegates. But as you can see below, the US and Canada made up over 95% of the attendees at this year’s conference.

Firm Size also saw some changes from previous years indicating attendance growth among the smaller and medium sized firms. Looks like word is getting to the medium and smaller sized firms as nearly 10% of attendees was from firms of less than 10. If you consider that nearly 90% of firms have less than 10 staff perhaps we’ll see more growth from smaller firms in the future as more proportionally representative of the industry as a whole.

Firm Size

One more thing – just over 40% of registrants indicated this would be their first RTC Conference. The pressure is on for next year in Toronto! See you soon!

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