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This week’s blog features a sneak peek at Ryan Cameron’s session on data driven design analysis, being presented at Data Day on August 2nd.









Ryan Cameron

Project Architect
DLR Group

Ryan is leading computational design efforts at DLR Group that range in practice from data analysis, data strategy, parametric modeling and data-driven design. He is evidence based certified as well as a licensed architect in several states. He is a technology enthusiast and designer with degrees in architecture and engineering. He is very active in the AECO industry and you will find him on many forums collaborating and discussing his creative passions.



Techniques for Data-Driven Design Analysis

Digital tools that create and assess data have taken our industry by storm. When implemented correctly, these technologies can greatly provide answers to problems your projects are facing. Is your team interested in finding ways to have data help drive decisions? Have you looked into data analytics but don’t know where to start?

Ryan’s session will provide practical use applications to help your everyday architects, engineers, and designers complete requirements. Design changes daily so he will review some strategies using computation from a 3D design platform and put them into a data analytics tool like Power BI. Ryan will also lead discussions on simple steps to help manage your data so you can begin to create a data strategy for your teams.

Attendees will gain an understanding of Data Strategy, a dataset of PowerBI templates, Revit models, Dynamo Scripts and working knowledge of how to connect all the data dots in between.

Make sure you’ve registered to attend this event to learn more about what Ryan has to share.




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