I’m Not On The Tools – What’s BILT got for me?

One of the key messages we have been spreading this year is that the BILT event is for anyone working with technology in the built environment.  And with technology becoming a bigger part of running a business, working with technology is no longer just about working directly with the software. Technology is such a key part of how we work, it’s no longer just for the BIM managers or the modellers. As a project leader, a design principal, a business director, a project manager or a CEO you also need to know about what technologies and software are out there, a high level view of what is possible, and if you are running the business, what technologies you want to invest in. With 96 sessions including a wide range of sessions devoted to leadership and strategy and project case studies, we believe BILT ANZ has a great program for you.  Whilst you are on site don’t forget also to check out our exhibition hall as you can see demonstrations of the latest in technology and software to evaluate your practice needs and compare options whilst you are there.

The only question – how to choose the right sessions? Whilst some sessions will be labelled strategy, there is a whole lot more to see than just strategy sessions. That’s why we are here to help, having curated this program for those ‘not on the tools’.  One of the other things to remember is – you don’t have to attend the sessions you have signed up for, we want attendees to have a great experience, and if that means swapping to a session after you have heard what a great speaker is on – no problems and no need to let us know just head on over to your new selection (except for labs which have limited numbers and tend to be fully booked).

Session 1.1

The keynote address by Dr Louise MahlerThe Missing Ingredient of Leadership is not about technology at all, but all about leadership and inspiring others.  Read more about it in our previous blog post.

Session 1.2

Depending on your interests, either of the following could suit you in this session. Educating the Educators: A Government Agency BIM Pilot Project presented by Glenn Jowett from AECOM, will be sharing the story of the NZ Ministry of Education’s journey into piloting BIM, including looking at the importance of procurement and how to establish metrics to measure the success of BIM.

How BIM has Changed My Practice: BIM and its Impact on SME’s is  a presentation by Stewart Caldwell of Rusell and Yelland,  a local Adelaide architectural practice, which will include topics such as fee analysis, office culture, change management, strategic direction, project workflow review and client relationships.

Session 1.3

Find out more about who is involved in promoting BIM and working together to create standards and protocols in Australia at the Industry Updates presented by Chris Penn (NDY, Build-SA and BILT committee member).

Session 1.4

Is BIM Dead? Digital Disruption in Construction Short Fuse or Big Bang  is a panel talk, which will include a panel of experts (including yours truly) to discuss innovation, disruption and the future of construction. Expect to hear a lot about artificial intelligence and machine learning, in a high level and perhaps sometimes amusing discussion of what your future might entail.

Session 1.5

Like the keynote, session 1.5 is another session for all delegates. Starting with Sasha Crotty from Autodesk, BIM today and tomorrow will look at the future of software and making things with Autodesk.  The next part of the session, I personally am pretty excited about.  Dr Daniel Davis from WeWork will present Building at Scale, which I think I can pretty safely promise will have something for everyone.  Read more in our previous blog post.

Session 2.1

Making a guess that anyone less technically inclined is probably managing projects – you can’t miss Lucy Guerin present BIM Project Delivery and Procurement Strategy.  As a project manager at APP, Lucy is also ‘not on the tools’ and brings some fresh and knowledgeable insights to this topic.

Session 2.2

This session does have a majority of fairly technical presentations – you might be interested to find out more about what’s happening in the world of Quantity Surveying. The QTO: Risks and Mitigation of 5D BIM Quantity Take Off  will be presented by Keeley, AECOM.  One of the benefits of BILT is finding out more about how your project partners are working with technology in new and non-traditional ways.

Session 2.3

What does digital transformation mean?  What is beyond BIM? Attend Alain Waha’s class Going Beyond BIM into Digital Landscape to find out more, including some pretty amazing projects as case studies.  Read more in our blog post here.

Session 2.4

Whilst Reality Capturing with Drones  presented by Chad Smith might sound a little technical, it will give you a great idea of the capability of drones and what can offer your project.

Session 2.5

The Great BIM Debate! That BIM Saves Money At Every Project Stage will be a light hearted session where you will be guaranteed a few laughs (it’s listed as a learning outcome!?!) – and you might learn something too!

Session 3.1

Now maybe you won’t be rendering yourself, but if you attend Revit to VR via FREE Gaming Engine  presented by Dominic Martens from UNIFI and John Wardle Architects, you will be able to tell your team what you expect. Aimed at all levels, this presentation will give you an overview of a number of free tools your team or your consultants, can start impressing you with.

Session 3.2

There are 2 choices in this session. You might not use the tools but I bet you use Excel. Learn more about how to amp up your Excel with Richard Taylor from Ideate at his presentation Excel – The Unsung Workhorse of the AEC Industry – Let’s Go Beyond the Basics.  If you feel it’s still a bit too early on a Saturday morning for Excel, attend Got a Problem? Technology? Culture? What is Next ? where 4 industry experts will answer any questions that a thrown at them via twitter.  What’s your question?

Session 3.3

Another session with two choices. Check out the forefront of virtual reality with Jeremy Harkins from ineni Realtime presenting, Interfacing the Virtual Asset, see how virtual reality can provide your clients with easy to use tools for digesting complex design and construct and more efficiently operate their facilities.

Or sign up for a double session on change management. Mark Jeffrey Busting Change Management myths in the context of a real, live global BIM Strategy execution. Mark is a psychologist and is co-speaking with Daniel Jurgens from Opus International Consultants. This session will cover Change Management, Psychology and Work Culture Dynamics and a live BIM Strategy – and the combo of presenters means these guys know their stuff.

Session 3.4

If you didn’t go for the double change management session, you might be interested to find out more about how clients are using BIM for Facilities Management. James Cook Universities Quality-Driven BIM for FM presented by Don Hitchcock from Advanced Spatial Technologies will be co-presented by the client, David Roy, James Cook University. This class looks at how the University is managing knowledge transfer from construction to operations, such that the right people can access the data when they need it.

Session 3.5

We all get together for the Closing Plenary, and that’s your BILT ANZ 2017 wrapped! (Aside from the 80’s gala party of course!)


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