I’m So Excited…

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Chairman’s Thoughts

With our new blog we are implementing a new series called, “Chairman’s Thoughts”.  Every month or so the local Chairman will be jotting down their RTC thoughts and sharing.  This is my first entry into that series.  When I sat down to write I thought, “What will I write about?”  Then it hit me right in the face – Excitement!  My excitement is revolving around many many things, but I will talk about three of them here; Community, Keynote and Your Excitement.


Last year we were tasked to identify what makes RTC so special.  The word I chose was “Community”.   When I say community I mean a group of people with a common interest that cares about one another.  We have delegates, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and leaders all working towards one common goal, improving the BIM process.  The sense of community is extremely strong with all RTC events.  Everyone is approachable and really wants to talk, share and include others in their journey.  I just can’t wait to see all the familiar faces and re-unite.  I am just as eager to meet new people that I will soon call “friend”!!!


We have a very special Keynote presentation for you this year.  We will be announcing more about this later, but I don’t want to leave you hanging too much.  Suffice it to say that 15 years ago Revit was “born”, jump starting the BIM movement.  Being in Washington DC, we are calling this the “Revitlution”.  Our keynote will take a look back to the beginning.  We will be speaking with some of the people that were lucky enough to be involved with the early days of Revit and showing you some of the early memorabilia and history.

Community Excitement

The last thing that has me pumped up about RTC this year is the community’s excitement.  We have had a record number of abstracts submitted, we sold out of Silver level sponsors within a week!  With 14 weeks to go – we were SOLD OUT of exhibition booths and have subsequently reserved more exhibit hall space, added more booths and even so there are only 3 now left.  The last indication of your excitement is the fact that the 50 early bird registrations sold out in 33 minutes!  We opened it up to 75 and those were gone in 58 minutes.  Last year the same total took 11 hours and 39 minutes for the first 50 and 4 days 21 minutes for the first 75!

Register and come see what all the excitement is about

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…

Jim Balding
Region Chairman, RTC North America

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