Introducing BILT

Well, we’ve reached the point where we cannot hold it in any longer!

We are amidst inescapable change.  The event series you know as the Revit Technology Conference is no more. That name served well as the basis for the establishment of a passionate community of people – all united by their interest in a very impactful and disruptive software tool.  The software itself was great – and it remains great, but both the product and its use in our industry have matured to the point that many of us now face other challenges; other problems we can solve together – other opportunities we can seize together.

We are transitioning away from a non-exclusive focus, but a focus nonetheless on Revit; on software, even on design – to the exclusion of those downstream. It’s not everything there is to BIM, and BIM is not the domain of the design community alone. BIM itself as we know it is changing.  To achieve what it promises, we need to help others engage and benefit from it too. If we really want to help industry, we have to figure out how to provide better value outcomes to – and experiences for – those we serve. We can’t do this if we’re solely focused on solving our own immediate problems while ignoring the real ones. We must ‘move the needle’.

However, if we can engage with others in our industry effectively; if we can lead them, help them, listen to them and focus not only on our own issues, then we believe we can be yet far more effective than we have been to date. We can influence industry together.

We’ve been too much, and too long in our own silo. We have common problems to solve, and commons solutions to be found.  Therein lies an opportunity for us to reframe what it is to be an architect, or an engineer, and what value we provide in our roles on our projects.

Our industry faces challenges applicable to the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure, and is supported by improvements in technology. We recognize that technology is an enabler of better processes and outcomes, not a driver in and of itself. Whatever your role in the lifecycle of the built environment, we want to help you and the industry become more effective and productive.

To reflect this commitment and the need for change, the new event name going forward is BILT.  Welcome to the BILT community.


Twitter hashtags (per region/event): #BILTasia, #BILTanz, #BILTna and #BILTeur.  Please follow @BILTevent for all event specific tweets.  @RTCevents remains the proud new parent.

For more information about BILT and the event name change, please visit

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