Introducing Marketing & Communications Manager – Crystal Dias

RTC Events is incredibly pleased to add another member to the Sydney team – Crystal Dias – joining as the Marketing and Communications Manager. As a way of introduction, we asked Crystal to introduce herself to the RTC Events community. Take it away Crystal! :) – Phil


Perhaps the best way to describe me is threefold: I am a story teller, a soul searcher and someone that positively engages.  I’ve  found my niche and creative outlet in the field of Communications and Marketing. My professional journey has taken me on an experience-rich ride providing me the opportunity to orchestrate the narrative of everything from television, to major infrastructure projects, urban rejuvenation projects, change programs and waste management.

Quite early in my career I recognized the importance of Communications and Marketing to a brand and organization to help it thrive, grow and gain new grounds. Excited by the power of the function and seeing how my skills had a positive impact, I sought challenges with businesses in different industries and worked out strategies to keep them ahead of their competition. In the process, I learned about new industries and expanded my skill set.

I am now looking forward to using this experience at RTC Events/DBEI and the challenge of putting BILT, BCS, DTS and Data Day events in the diaries of architects, builders, contractors, engineers, planners, construction managers, design managers… across the globe, especially in our younger markets.

There’s more to life than work. I enjoy taking long coastal walks – (no place like Sydney for that!); going to the theater and attending music concerts. I also enjoy traveling and discovering new cuisines and cultures. Most of all, I love spontaneous catch ups with friends and family.

For me, as  a communicator, there is nothing more stimulating than listening to the crescendo of a brand message, across different channels of communications, all singing from the same song sheet. The process is both challenging yet hugely rewarding especially when your brand is recognized and adopted.

Yet, we know that technology and techniques to getting new customers are changing at a rapid pace. I work to learn and embrace new techniques and try new things. I see myself continuously learning and I am learning something new every day!

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