Is Innovation Just Another Buzzword?

Buzz, buzz….

I’m very excited to say that as I write this post after only two weeks of open registration our registration tally is looking very strong. Typically, we see a burst when registration opens then a steady building trickle as we approach the event.

To that end I’m assuming we have some fence sitters out there so I wanted to address a bit further what we intend this year’s event to be all about.

  • What do we really mean when we say innovation? Arguably many of us in Design Technology Management roles are not the ones innovating new design solutions or even innovative solutions to the use of technology to solve design problems. I think we would all agree though that our roles likely make us a part of that process.
    • To that end, what is our role in helping to make our firms “innovative” and what are we talking about in that context?
    • Can we ourselves be innovative in how perform our jobs? What does innovation look like purely from a “design technology manager” perspective?
  • Should we instead actually be talking about being “Creative” in our use and implementation of what are innovative technologies or ideas that we gained from someone or somewhere else?
  • Is it our responsibility to spend more time on “innovation” or are we there to support the innovators?
    • If it’s the latter what are the best techniques to doing that? Do we do so by “staying on top of trends”? If that is our job, how do you do that?
    • If it’s the former what restrictions to we place on ourselves and what are forced upon us?

If this gets you thinking, if you’re saying to yourself, yeah, right on man! Then consider attending DTS, it’s only one and half days which means only once extra night for most. We are part group therapy and we are part advancement of a nebulous and poorly defined set of professionals that at the end of the day help make our firms tick with varying levels of recognition. It’s worth it to come!

One other note, if you have suggestions with regards to possible sponsors for DTS please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at: secretary AT

See you in Toronto!

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