It’s a Start…

Well registration has been open for all of 2 weeks and as of this posting we are 40% full. That is right, registrations have been tremendous in this first two weeks and there is no slowing down now. As we did last year we are reviewing the reports and tracking the demographics. We have been looking at the US numbers and the number of states represented. So far we have 38 states and the District of Columbia represented! We only need 12 of the states to step up. Now we don’t want to embarrass any of you states, but here are the hold outs so far; Wyoming, South Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama West Virginia, Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine. Come on guys, join the party. Head on over HERE and get registered! Remember there are 4 great events to choose from – Building Content Summit (BCS), Design Technology Summit (DTS), Data Day and RTC!

Coming next week, an update on our keynote presentation and the surprises that come with it!

See you all in Phoenix –

Jim Balding


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