Speaker Profile with Steve Shell: It’s About the Journey



Steven C. Shell is so many things: he’s an Architect & Principal who’s run a small private practice for 28 years, specializing in commercial retail, office, medical and entertainment venues while providing consulting services for many large international companies. He’s also the City appointed Chairman on Tucson’s Board of Adjustment and consults to attorneys and government agencies for planning & zoning cases, variances and code enforcement issues and even serves the court as an expert witness.


And that’s just his daytime job!


On most weekends you’ll find him and his band of brothers playing around Tucson, Arizona as the lead guitarist and singer in in his classic rock band, Shell Shock.


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Why RTC? For Steve, it’s about three things:


First, it’s about helping others.  Helping and guiding clients, Engineers and Contractors to all work together in order to improve the present process.“In the next 3-5 years I hope that we’ll have the seamless technology to be able to deliver the design data directly to manufacture’s and builders without the need to constantly be drawing and redrawing everything in order to pass the responsibility on to the next person.   As far as I’m concerned it’s about creating better buildings – not just better drawings;  however, until such time…..we need better drawings.”


Second, it’s about learning what is presently possible while keeping up with what technologies may be just around the corner. According to Shell, “Being a professional is all about living in the “world of what’s possible now” while constantly looking ahead to see what’s developing out of the “world of impractical”.”


Finally, it’s about having fun! It’s about the journey as well as the destination. Too many young architects work too many hours at a cost that can never be repaid. You’ve got to find a work-life balance that works for you while you are young. “Do whatever it takes to make yourself smile!  Here I am at late middle age, and during the week I still get paid to play with Lego – otherwise known as Revit™ – while on the weekends,  I am running around on stage with a low-slung Gibson Les Paul® making all kinds noise which everybody seems to enjoy. It never gets old!”


We couldn’t agree more. Looking forward to your class Steve! 


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