It’s rooted: Aussie terms that foreigners just won’t get…

If you’re getting ready to head to Melbourne for next week’s Revit Technology Conference, and you’re coming from overseas, a timely article by Tim Richards  in the Sydney Morning Herald makes for an entertaining, and perhaps illuminating, read:

It’s rooted: Aussie terms that foreigners just won’t get
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Make sure also to read some of the comments section for more linguistic messes from many readers. Here’s one (ever so slightly off-colour)example:  “I was down at the pisser, pissed off that I couldn’t get pissed on their weak piss, when I had to go to the pisser to drain the lizard”

And finally, here’s a site with a rather comprehensive list of Aussie slang terms:

Have fun, and I look forward to seeing you next week!


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