Its That Time of Year

No, I’m not talking about the Holidays, Christmas, US Thanksgiving or even Halloween. I’m talking about beginning serious planning for the next DTS! Yes, we were still trying to put a bow on DTS 2017, but we also have to look forward to 2018 and one of the first to-do items for the Committee is to identify a broad topic or theme for the upcoming DTS. This provides an architecture for us to develop questions and topics that help to fill out the agenda and with some luck, make the event attractive for you (our readers) to attend.

To that end, what is on people’s minds? What do you think will be on your mind in 2018, what goals and projects have you set for yourself or your firm, or what key business objectives have been laid out by your business leadership? Have some ideas about what you might want to talk about? By all means contact us and let us know, either on Twitter, Slack, or plain old fashioned e-mail.

2017’s focus was on Innovation and I thought it was a great topic and a very successful DTS, I’d like to see us build on the energy of 2017 going forward.

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