It’s The Final Countdown! Agenda is Set, 5, 4, 3, 2….

We are in that wonderful window of only a few short weeks until the sixth annual Design Technology Summit kicks off! RTCNA registrations are literally full, or near to, however we still have room at DTS and you are more than welcome to attend DTS even if you’ve been shut-out of RTC. DTS is the second official event in the RTC Events NA line-up, if you’re looking for compelling, strategic conversation about the use of Design Technology in Practice, DTS is the place to be!

As we wrap up our own planning, the committee has set our final tentative agenda based on the responses we have received from current registered attendees; so if you were unsure or holding out registering for DTS because our agenda was not sufficiently defined, I’m happy to say that we have a good idea of what we will be focusing our discussions on:


  • Tell Us Your Troubles (or Successes)! – This will be a structured discussion session meant to help break the ice and get any of the latest thoughts out of folks’ heads and out in the open. If we need to, we may also adjust the rest of our agenda based on this session.
  • Is BIM Better? – Are we actually seeing positive results? Are we measuring the right or wrong things?


  • Do We Have a BIM Hangover? – Does this industry suffer from a malaise around ‘BIM’, are we achieving our goals, do we need to shift the conversation; and to what?
  • Are We Solving the Right Problems? – Are we being too influenced by marketing hype and overselling by technology vendors, do we need to step back & re-assess what challenges actually need a resolution?
  • What does it mean to be a Design Technologist? – Do experts in technology & practice have a future; if so what does the career path for a Design Practice Leader look like?

So those are our five topics that will be used to frame our discussion sessions, based on the free response feedback from attendees we will be looking at these topics through several difference lens to help guide our conversations in a useful way:

  • Doing work.
  • Running our businesses.
  • Innovating and staying current.

Interestingly these are all ideas that the committee has always felt were core to the ideas of DTS and it is quite heartening to see that the free responses from our attendees arrived at similar core activities. What might argue they are self-evident but it’s good to be justified!

If you’re reading this and already registered for DTS we can’t wait to see you in a few short weeks, if you’re reading this and still on the fence please register! Still not sure contact us via and one of the committee members will be happy to have a personal conversation with you.

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