Keeping It Fresh

Magic tree forest fresh windscreen

The philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus once said that “Change is the only constant.” And news about the release of Revit 2016 started to appear online yesterday. There are new collaboration features, online analysis enhancements, IFC interoperability improvements, fixes, and speed increases, among other things, there is a lot to like about this release.

For RTC Europe, we already have classes covering some of the new features in Revit, and speakers are asked to update their material to the latest release of the software. But one thing that I really enjoy at RTC events is to be able to discuss and learn from peers on new an updated ways of working — new ways that are possible with the latest releases of the software we use. Meeting people who not only experiment and implement these new features for themselves, but who bring them into their companies day to day workflows and projects, and who have trained others in doing so.

And this knowledge, this change, this progress, is being shared by those people at RTC.

Because if there is one type of people that you are certainly to meet at RTC, is the kind of people who keep themselves up to date.

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