Keeping Up

Sometimes you just can’t keep up. The constant demands of developing and maintaining design technology standards, supporting staff, ensuring BIM Quality and efficiency across the profit centers, supporting projects and staff members, reviewing RFP’s and contracts and BIM execution plans, and leading BIM meetings and task forces, among other things, leaves little time to keep a finger on the pulse of the design technology industry. Trying to do it all risks spreading resources too thin. Focusing on a limited number of initiatives risks missing opportunities. A firm’s Design technology and/or BIM strategy should account for some of this. Even so, the breadth of scope for design technology leaders in the AEC industry is significant such that working without a community of peers in similar industry roles slowly stifles a firm’s ability to be competitive.

That’s why the community of design technology leaders that make up the Design Technology Summit, have been so valuable to so many firms over the years. Participants value having access to the breadth of experience that makes up this event and the community that has developed because of it.

The upcoming Summit looks to cross-pollinate with individuals and expertise outside of our industry to inspire ideas and solutions to challenges you face. Discussion of your firm’s design-technology challenges is part of every Summit. Join the community of Design Technology Leaders this July and take a step towards driving increased efficiency, new client opportunities or better quality in your firm.

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