Kicking Off BILTna 2018 Workshop

This is the week where the North American conference really starts to heat up. The BILT NA committee (along with a few stragglers all the way from Australia :) will arrive into St. Louis for the workshop ahead of this years conference. It’s not all fun and games either – some serious work needs to happen. Unfortunately the hotel doesn’t look like this at the moment because picture looks like it was taken on a pleasant summer evening. This week it’ll be snowing and the highs will be just above freezing.


Walkthrough: 2D floor plans are one thing but walking through the venue and selecting exhibition areas, class rooms, labs, BCS, plenary and social areas needs to happen IRL (“In Real Life”). The St. Louis Union Station Hotel is a really unique and wonderful venue.


Program: Classrooms, Labs, Roundtables, Breakout Spaces. We need to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak and select the sessions that make up the learning during the conference. This also means putting up a very large grid (wisely made from masking tape – thanks again Desi!) and begin blocking out the tracks on the wall in the committee room. Seeing this very large grid spread across a very wall helps us visualize all the sessions, types and tracks.


Exhibition Area: Finalizing the exhibition paces for booths, catering spaces, seating areas, etc. We’ve designated the old station platform as the exhibition space. The BCS Engine Room (which will run concurrently with BILTna this year) is likely going to be the raised area beyond the three large archways on the right.


What’s the good news? By the end of this week a considerable amount of work will be done by a very passionate and experienced team that will strenuously debate each of the 250+ proposed sessions received for this year’s conference.

What’s the bad news? Not every session can possibly be selected. We know it stings not to get selected and we always try to leave meaningful comments and reasons. And we’re always available for thoughtful emails and questions if you need more direction and information. Don’t give up…don’t be discouraged. Attend this year’s conference start thinking about what you’d like to submit for 2019.

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