Kicking off construction: UniSA Pridham Hall

You’ve probably already seen the news that our construction stream this year is bigger than ever, in fact we have identified that over 30% of our classes will be of interest to contractors. To assist you with selecting construction oriented classes, we have prepared a highlighted schedule, which can be found here. And remember whilst these classes have been identified as of interest to contractors, many of them will also be of interest to architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, programmers or building owners as well – so do check out the schedule.  We are now only 2 WEEKS away from the first BILT ANZ – so make sure you have registered and signed up for your classes.

Kicking off our construction stream in Session 1.2, will be a class that offers multiple points of view on a local Adelaide project.  Lessons Learned from a BIM Newbie’s perspective – UniSA Pridham Hall example will be presented by Jathin Balan from Mossop Construction & Interiors – Managing Contractor on UniSA Pridham Hall project.

As a Design /Business Development Manager for Mossop construction + Interiors, Jathin is responsible for the Design Phase delivery of the Design and Construct projects including value management, alternate building solutions, incorporating BIM, ESD and reviewing of safety-in-design.  He is joined by his colleague, Senior Project Manager Andrew McKay and Michael Clothier who  runs Virtual Built, a business which coordinates and manages BIM Projects, ultimately helping multi-discipline teams through the inception, design, and construction to rationalise, coordinate, and improve constructibility. The project delivery team will also be joined by Rebecca Lawson-Cooke Senior Project Manager in the Facilities Management Unit at UniSA.

BIM concept envisages that virtual construction will help reduce uncertainty and improve collaboration. In collaboration with UniSA, the project team, will explore the benefits, challenges and lessons learned from a design, cost-management, procurement, site establishment, sub-contract, on-site safety and facilities management perspective.  This session will cover topics such as:

  1. LOD during design development and impact on Early Trades Procurement.
  2. How to manage scope changes due to Value-Management and its impact on the Model.
  3. Use of BIM for Site management purpose- including shop-drawings, off- site fabrication and safety.

We always  love to see sessions involving the client. We think this session involving the managing contractor, BIM consultant and client all up presenting together will be something special. It’g great to see such focus on collaboration right at the start of our event. We are looking forward to some great knowledge sharing, both in this session and across the full 3 days of BILT event.

We would also like to take the opportunity to announce all of our Golden Ticket Winners:

  • Callum Freeman of Assemble who was lucky enough to have the ticket transferred to him by Steven Davis who attended BIMAk
  • Josip Bandur of Cardno who attended BrisBIM
  • Cathy Ismail of KiR Architecture who attended MelBIM
  • Belinda Thompson of GHD Woodhead who won by sharing to her LinkedIn Followers

Congratulations to all of our winners!  We look forward to seeing you in Adelaide.  Thank you also to the BIM Groups for collaborated with us and to everyone who entered.


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