Land of the Long Weekend

Well Australia Day is done and dusted for another year and was wonderfully positioned for the organised amongst us to take a 4 day weekend (The less organised partaking in the great Aussie tradition of taking a sickie!). The bbq has grilled its lamb which we have willingly consumed with various types of alcoholic beverages. Backyard cricket has made its dent on weary muscles another year older but none the wiser. I remember the look of shock on some American architects when it was explained to them that whilst most in the AEC space will take 2 to 3 week’s break over Christmas/ New Year, things don’t really get back into full swing until after Australia Day!

But here we are with 2016 laid out in front of us with a variety of challenges for the BIM enabled. The major continuing challenge has certainly got to be the application of your core BIM platform to business and the opportunities to customise around your discipline and sector specific needs. I’m quoting a peer in the MEP space when I say ignore Dynamo at your own peril but more generically, find a way to at least partially visually program solutions. Whilst many are providing solutions this way to their businesses, the smart money is on finding ways to devolve this skill across more individuals as a core skill and not a specialisation. Externally the biggest challenge still seems to be around collaborating 101. Testament to this is not only mine and my peer’s experience but the number of abstracts submitted for RTC that still have this as a topic. I know I’m still seeing projects in 2016 where “BIM” is still seen as an “option” where “we’ll get you the drawings first and the model will come later”…

To summarise my recent blog posts though, it’s incredibly important to create the mental space to strategise an approach to solve these problems, to communicate and collaborate with peers to test solutions and then to implement. Doing this now with a view to reviewing and refining at RTCAUS 2016 come May is a truly sensible and sustainable way to maximise your benefit to your business and employer whilst also growing your skills and abilities.

As with many in the BIM AEC space, we so hope to see you at RTC AUS 2016 in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW for our next event. Click here for more details.

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