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Now that we are at 3 weeks before the event, we have our extended list of sessions and speakers. These include a few more additions to the list and some classes you may not be aware of. So, if you have registered, make sure you check out these classes in case you’ve missed them and modify your registration to attend these classes instead. If you are yet to register what are you waiting for? Register Now!

1.2 Virtual GPU Success in the AEC Arena – This presentation comes from the king of hardware and computers, David Harmon from HVE ConneXions  and will show you purpose-built vGPU hardware, virtual desktop reference architecture and how this solution is helping AEC firms delivery next-generation vGPU private cloud within their organization globally. So if your office computers are lagging or just lacking, this is definitely a session to check out!

1.3 & 1.4 Double Lab: Creating Profiles in Bluebeam Revu for Project Estimating – Brian Juge – CAD-1 This double lab shows you how to use Bluebeam Revu to its full potential and for more than just to be used to markup PDF files. Presented as a hands-on double lab, learn how to integrate this tool into your existing construction and BIM workflow in new ways and transform your documentation process!

1.3 Back to the future: using the past to create the present – presented by Jim Reis from Trimble
This session will present a case study on the construction processes used to duplicate Trimble’s current headquarters in Westminster, Colorado. The Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) tool used by Trimble today in designing and constructing this new building is very different from the tools used five years ago. With detailed compare and contrast, you’ll review new and future tools of VDC.

1.4 Producing coordinated project information in a digital world – Stephen Hamil – NBS – To date, the main focus of building information modelling (BIM) has been around more efficient drawing generation and clash detection. In this presentation Stephen will focus on the information within BIM and demonstrate how construction professionals and their clients can benefit from this. We’ll look at information structures for specification and objects as well as give live demonstrations of our Canadian content within an NBS specification tool, collaboration over the cloud and integration between specification and model.

1.5 Don’t Get Walled In by System Families – Selecting and documenting walls for your project is serious business and merging manufacturer data for multiple products into one family is a pain. Presenter Benjamin Glunz will demonstrate BIMsmith Forge, where you can build system families filled with usable parameters and standardized materials. Merge manufacturer and generic data, and then accurately document it. Attend this sessions and learn to leverage system families to the max.

2.2 Reality data, the building lifecycle and confident scan to BIM – Scott Diaz and Greg Hale – FARO –
As-Built data plays a critical role along various stages of the building lifecycle. 3D Scanning and other high precision measurement solutions have made “Scan-to-BIM” an industry norm, but what are “reality data” industry trends along the building lifecycle? What is accurate enough and what is the benchmark assessing scan to BIM precision? Join Scott and Greg in this session to learn!

2.2 LAB: Taking Control: Verifying As-Built Conditions with Reality Capture – Kelly Cone, ClearEdge3D – the first of Kelly’s two sessions at this year’s BILT NA, This lab will teach you how to use laser scanning and Verity™ to check the quality of work on your job-site or as-built models! Utilizing your BIMs and our advanced computer vision algorithms, you can know how well your job is being built/modeled in minutes rather than days. Take control with renowned speaker Kelly Cone, who’ll teach you these tricks.

2.2 We also have a special Q&A Session with some of top speakers from previous years including Nathan Love, Aaron Maller, John Pierson, Brian Mackey, and Carl Storms. Each come from very different portions of the industry with their unique views on how things should be done. Come prepared with your questions, but fair warning you may leave with a brain exploding with knowledge or in stitches. At the very least you will be entertained!

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