Leaving Las Vegas

Wonderful AU2016 and to see so many familiar faces. Also great to see so many AU Speakers are discussing and preparing for BILT NA. One thing is certain – I’m really glad that AU2016 was held before Thanksgiving! Great to have a restful break. And AU2017 is also being held before the long holiday weekend. IMO great decision on behalf of Autodesk.

What to submit for next year’s BILT NA Conference? Perhaps you could adapt your AU class or lab. Or maybe there’s something you learned during the conference that’s got you thinking about an entirely new and exciting class.

Either way, there’s not much time to submit your BILT NA abstracts! BILT NA will be hosted in Toronto, Canada at The Westin Harbour Castle from August 3-5, 2017. We’ve already begun to receive submissions and hope that you’ll take a moment and be included in the upcoming review process. If you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Speaker Manager, Robert Bell.

What should you submit? Well, think about the broadening of RTC to BILT: Buildings, Infrastructure and Life-cycle – connected with Technology. We’re going to be flush with building-centric submissions. I think we’re looking for more infrastructure and life-cycle related and real-world success stories (not just BIM theory)!

That’s it! Only 36 weeks till BILT NA. Please submit your abstract today! Submissions close on January 4th 2017.


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