Little Dynamo

Joaquim holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from Universidade Lusófona of Lisbon. With almost 13 years of experience in architectural projects, he’s currently working as an Architect near Aveiro, in the middle of Portugal, for the last four years. Joaquim is always in constant search for new and better ways to do architecture by technology and BIM methodology. He’s also a certified Revit Architecture’s instructor, a software he’s been using since 2004, where he has the chance to share this passion with everyone.

Visual programming software can often feel like rocket science. And actually it is. The possibilities are endless. All we need is our imagination allows. However, as a beginner in this world, I think there is great potential to solve minor problems.

I’ve been trying to learn a little more about Dynamo, trying to understand it, as an architect, where can it help my design process and everything that it involves. As a Revit user, the Revit-Dynamo combination allows me to use Dynamo´s potential, even for small problems, in a perfect way.

As a Revit user, there has always been a question that bothered me a bit: the fact that you cannot setup a family of stairs, with the “UP/DN” text just turned off. So, when creating a new floor plan view, a new “UP” or “DN” text came to contaminate my floor plan. Having always associated Dynamo for big things, I always forget that it can be just as useful for small things, such as turning off an instant parameter from a stair, in my entire project.

Et voilà… in this example (see featured image), with a fairly simple routine, I solved a problem. Sometimes, the solution depends on our imagination and the way we use all of Dynamo´s great potential. Maybe I can call it something like “Little-Dynamo”. Well … so far, fine for me!

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