Look Who’s Talking…

This week we would like to highlight a few more of our key speakers and sessions for the upcoming RTC Australasia 2016.

All the way from Mexico, architect Pablo Lezama, Rizoma (he was previously at ICA, Mexico’s largest construction company) joins us and will be showcasing what is possible and practical regarding modelling of rebar in Revit. This session is choc-full tips and tricks goodness for every step in the rebar modelling workflow – and not limited to building-based work. He’s worked on a wide variety of project types, including elevated highways, bridges, subways and water treatment plants. This is a must-see session for contractors especially, and those you know who would benefit from a stronger understanding of rebar modelling and BIM workflows for infrastructure.

Dr. Dominik Holzer, owner of AEC Connect, is presenting two sessions, both of which should prove to be ‘lively’. The first is focused on how to elicit BIM requirements from clients who haven’t yet been able to articulate them well. I expect there might be a few of us who have been faced with a brief that says, “Yes, I’ll have the large BIM with that, please – the one with all those LOD 500s”. I bet there’s a few of you who’ve faced this kind of conundrum before.

His other session might prove to be ‘wonderfully contentious’. Based on extensive research, he’ll be discussing and exploring what BIM Management really means (as distinct from just managing models and data).

As the new chair of Collaborate ANZ, Belinda Hodkinson will provide an industry update and introduce to us the National BIM Advisory Board – an initiative led by APCC and ACIF, which also includes NATSPEC and buildingSMART. Its goal is to lead the development and implementation of a cohesive national approach to the adoption of BIM in Australasia.

She will joined by:

  • Teresa Scott, Executive Director of the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC), who will  be presenting on behalf of James Cameron, Executive Director | Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF), looking at the longer term direction of BIM from an Industry perspective.
  • John Mitchell, Chairman of buildingSMART Australasia will provide an update on the past and future year’s focus.
  • Richard Choy, Chief Executive Officer of NATSPEC will also provide an update on the past and future year’s focus.

We’ll have a couple more speakers to highlight in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and I look forward to seeing you at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley in May.

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