Looking for Inspiration? (Call for Abstracts)


The call for abstracts went out this week for the twelfth RTC Australasia in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales in 2016.  The cut off date this year is Friday 28 August 2015.  Click here for more info.

One very clever person asked the question whether RTC will be co-located with the Mystics & Psychic Expo 2016 (is there such a thing???) given how far out from the event the abstract call has been made.  It can be a daunting task to put together an abstract and subsequent presentation let alone for an event that’s 10 months away.  I assume this would more the case if you’re looking to do a workshop on relatively new technologies like Dynamo et al.

RTC Australasia is an annual event catering to the needs of the BIM community provided by the BIM community.  When registration opens for the event almost 5 months out, the organising committee endeavours to have as many sessions committed as possible so that delegates can register with a suitable level of confidence.  To do so abstracts are generally approved or rejected a month or so ahead of that which of course must first be collated reviewed and vigorously debated over.  You can see how time pushes out in this process…

A couple of things that might help you have a go at submitting and abstract for our 2016 event.

  1. Challenge a peer to an “I will if you will”.  This could be to co-present on a single topic or present different topics.
  2. Review the content from the previous event (if your were a delegate), looking at your area/s of specialty and fill the gap!
  3. Don’t criticise the absence of a topic at past events, start the conversation yourself.  The organising committee may have been waiting for this topic for years!

Don’t forget you can always update your abstract (within reason) once its been accepted.

Get busy and we look forward to reviewing your best shot!

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