Looking For Some Light Reading?

Mostly we use this blog to share with you what is happening in the world of BILT, but every now and then, it’s great to share a little inspiration via other blogs we are reading.

But first, we would like to announce the winner of the first Golden Ticket from the New Zealand BIM Events – Steven Davis from Assemble who attended BIMAk.  Congratulations to Steven as the lucky winner! But even luckier is Callum Freeman, as Steve has elected to transfer his ticket to him.  We look forward to seeing Callum in Adelaide in May. Don’t forget you still have the chance to #win on social media or at upcoming BIM events around Australia.

Back to the blogs, here are some of the BILT ANZ committee favourites:


This is one of my favourite recent finds (thanks Jason Howden).  If you want to know all about what Elon Musk is up to (when he is not talking to Malcolm), the latest in robotics and AI, which countries are trialing universal income as well as advances in science and healthcare, Futurism is the site to subscribe to.

Future of Construction

This is a site I only just found last week, and it’s definitely worth a look. I have to find some time to really check out what is there.  A mix of case studies, blogs and real world implementation stories – you can (again) read about Elon Musk, but also about 3D printing, sustainable buildings and innovation – both high and low tech.

What Revit Wants

For everything Revit you can’t go past local Adelaide blog Luke Johnson. If it’s not on What Revit Wants then probably it can’t be done.

Revit OpEd

Steve Stafford’s blog always seems to appear when I google something Revit related (do you think he’s paying them?) The great thing is that I know I can always rely on Steve’s answers and how to’s.

Practical BIM

I really enjoy Anthony McPhee’s approach to BIM. It’s Practical (haha).  Anthony’s posts are long, very well thought out discussions of issues facing practitioners, educators and clients using BIM.


One of the reasons I like ArchSmarter, is Michael Kilkelly’s weekly top 5 things to check out this week.  Not only does he link through to the work he has been doing on his own website, but gives you a great mix of other random technology and design stuff to check out.  Also if you are a Revit user, his free macros are an awesome automation find.

The Midnight Lunch

Is it wrong to put my own blog on the list? Of course you should all be reading it already! The Midnight Lunch covers a pretty diverse range of topics from innovation and disruption in construction and design, Revit through to interior design, workplace and sustainability design issues and sometimes a mix of all of the above.


For our ArchiCAD audience, of course you should check out my fellow committee member, Nathan Hidlebrandt’s blog – Skewed – where he talks all things BIM and archiCAD.



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