Making the Sausage 101

Wow. This is my first time on the committee for putting together a global scale Revit/BIM/StarWars-geek/Conference. I’m telling you its some work, and we are just getting started. One of the initial efforts in the process is getting on top of the many abstracts submitted by talented BIM-sters and Reviteers from all over the world. For RTCAsia v.1.0 we had about 200 abstracts! (thanks everybody for your support!) But have you ever wondered what happens AFTER you submit your abstract?

70 of the lucky submissions got planted at the doorstep of BIMTroublemaker Global Ministries for evaluation. I received a PDF of the abstracts to review. Then I made a spreadsheet for recording scores and comments. It took some time, but I’ll tell you there is no better way to kill a round-trip flight to Kuala Lumpur than grading abstracts…. boy oh boy, I wish i’d found out about this time-killer sooner in life. Them flights to KL get tedious.


If you think this sounds like fun, just wait until next week when we start the marathon committee calls to review the scoring as a group and set the final agenda.  I got a big box of cuban cigars and a balcony with a view of the sea to enjoy during those calls…. except i think they are scheduled for 6:30am Singapore time…. I guess cigars and scotch is going to be the new breakfast of champions.

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