Making the Sausage 102: Setting the Schedule for RTCAsia 2015

Screen Shot 2015 04 19 at 11 00 00 AM

This was the weekend we picked the classes for RTCAsia 2015 in Singapore.  Whew…. what an adventure.

The carnage, discord and elevated blood-pressure that goes along with putting an event of such magnitude together should not be under-estimated… but after hours of thrashing, BAM!

Screen Shot 2015 04 19 at 11 06 46 AM

75 CLASSES!  Thats 94 hours worth of EXPERT TRAINING, from international and local speakers, across all consulting disciplines AND construction AND a healthy bit of business strategy & in-depth case studies thrown in for good measure!

Screen Shot 2015 04 19 at 11 07 05 AM

If you only go to one RTC event in your lifetime, this is the one to do.  I’m feeling excited already…. or it could be that i had too much chili with lunch.

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