Meet Alice Leung, BILT Asia’s new Associate Committee Member

Alice, talks to us about her passion for building technologies and why it’s time the construction industry embraced it.


Tell us about yourself – who you are and what you do (not just your title…)

Glad you asked about what I do that’s not just the title! When I first moved to Singapore, I was faced with picking a title for myself… and it was a huge struggle for me because when I was with DPR Construction back in the US, I didn’t have a title on my business card—our company does not believe in titles because titles limit the growth and opportunities for the individual. Even now, I feel like I need 10 different business cards with the different things that I’m doing in Singapore.


My main area of focus is in construction technologies; I work on evaluating and implementing the best construction technologies for project use from inception through operations, but with specific expertise during construction operations. Aside from my focus on construction technologies, since we are still a growing team in Singapore, I help with business development, project management, and anything and everything that the office needs.


How did you get to where you are today?

I studied electrical engineering in college but always liked building things. After my first internship with DPR Construction, I learned that I enjoyed figuring out how to best communicate and interact with people and bridging the gap between technology and people. My teams and mentors at DPR empowered and supported me in my excitement for technology and changing the construction industry so I moved back to the Bay Area after graduation and started my career as a project engineer building a complex, public hospital project in San Francisco, UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay. After that project and working on another large healthcare project in the Bay Area, I wanted to make a bigger impact and looked for a start-up experience to help build a company— and DPR gave me that opportunity, which led me to relocate across the Pacific Ocean to Singapore to help startup our office. This opportunity has allowed me to connect with so many experts in the field. Additionally, it has challenged me to be a student of the world through studying different cultures and the way construction is done globally. Now, I’m here trying to help tailor the utilisation of construction tools to get the most value for each project.


What do you hope to achieve through DBEI Events?

I hope to help connect people around the world to create a support network and innovation think tank for helping the global construction industry increase productivity and digitisation. Based on the McKinsey Global Institute industry digitisation index, construction is among the least digitised. Together, we can change that! Technology is not going away, there’s only more coming… and will disrupt the lagging industries like construction—even more so!


What’s interesting to you outside of work?

I’ve always been an active person, but after my motorcycle accident, I became amazed by the human body. Watching the healing process and going through rehabilitation taught me how strong and versatile our bodies are. I started taking strength training more seriously since moving to Singapore and now, the gym is my second home. I’ve hiked Mt. Rinjani in Indonesia and have a few more mountains and volcanoes on my list. Most recently I bought a new road bike so I’m starting a new hobby with cycling.


What attracts you to your work?

I love what I do because I’m always challenged and I feel like I’m making an impact. From the building aspect, I love that I am able to change places, which changes lives. And from the technology point of view, I love seeing people use new tools, processes, or methods that positively impact their life.


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