Meetings Galore!

Sure it is only the second month of the year, but for us at RTC it is a month closer to our Conference which takes place in Porto, Portugal. In fact we are all headed to Porto in the next couple of days, from all corners of the world, to discuss all things RTC EUR 2016.

First thing’s first, the Committee members along with the staff at Alfandega do Porto (the Congress Centre where we will hold the event), will do a walkthrough. This gives us a chance to recap the venue and all the set up and logistics that are required to run the event smoothly. Following this we bring our serious faces to the table to reflect our thoughts on the abstracts reviewed and determine how well they fit within our program objectives for 2016. It is a very long process, however extremely exciting to see the level of content being offered at our upcoming event. The weekend’s workshop will focus mainly on the program, with a little time to also reflect on feedback from 2015 event and discuss other aspects of this year’s event, such as marketing and social functions. The most important thing on our list of course is the food tasting. We have to ensure the best is being delivered :).

Following our Committee workshop, we head back to our respective corners of the world. Whilst our Executive Chairman, Wesley, European Region Manager, Silvia and European Event Manager, Harriet set out to find the perfect destination for RTC EUR 2017. While they scope future venues, everyone who has submitted abstracts will be contacted regarding the outcome of their submission. We’ve had a record number of submissions this year! Thank you all for submitting. Once that is all done, we get yet another step closer to the event. We are all excited to see how things are falling into place for RTC Europe 2016. We look forward to sharing details of the program and announcing registration opening in the coming months.

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