MEGA is coming… RTC Australasia 2013

You may have heard of these guys… a shy, retiring bunch that always take the safe approach and espouse only the most conservative of viewpoints…


Kim Dotcomm’s company, the controversial creators of Megaupload and the new cloud storage service offering, Mega ( We are enormously excited to announce that Vikram Kumar, the CEO of Mega and past CEO of Internet NZ will be speaking at RTC this year.

Here is the talk precis from the RTC scheduling pages:
The Internet and Internet Thinking

Speaker: Vikram Kumar
The Internet provides everyone with opportunities and challenges at all levels- individual, business, sector and country. Taking some examples in the context of larger trends, the question is asked: how can people and organisations be proactive when things change so rapidly that they are impossible to predict? There will also be a discussion about how organisations need to think about the Internet, differentiating between the Internet as a business function and a business strategy.

Key Learning Outcomes:
1. Key trends and impacts on businesses from the Internet.
2. A framework to be proactive in addressing the challenges and opportunities from the Internet.
3. Why Internet thinking, i.e. the Internet as a business strategy, is increasingly important for the ‘real’ economy

Mega has certainly got the profile, and the topical activities (!) to ensure that what they have to say will be topical, engaging, and thought provoking. Add to this Vikram’s own background at Internet NZ, “a non-profit organization promoting the vision of an ‘open and uncapturable Internet'”, and this should be a real highlight of Friday afternoon.

… but of course, you have to be there to hear him speak…

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