Mindful BIM

Extended breaks are an excellent time to get some downtime from our day to day work and focus on other “things”. People often return from such breaks (hopefully) with what we call “perspective” as opposed to being bogged down in the minutiae. The key to being an effective leader (BIM or otherwise) is to be able to work between minutiae and perspective or big picture and little picture as the situation requires. It’s not necessarily a natural ability but one to be nurtured. It’s not something that your work experience may necessarily provide rather typically the opposite according to my experience and many of my peers.

I found myself thinking about this across the Christmas, New Year’s break when my 8 year old daughter and I embarked upon a mindfulness colouring book. Initially she took it upon herself to start the book until she hit a page filled with an intricate repetitive pattern. Overwhelmed by the amount of detail and unable to see that was simply 2 motifs overlapping, this was clearly a job for Daddy! So I picked up a pen (orange), selected a repetitive shape, started at the top left hand corner and filled in every instance. Two things happened… Her eyes lit up with the possibility of how to complete the seemingly impossible and I had the downtime of a necessary but repetitive task well within my capability.

Being on holidays (or vacation as my Russian American mates may say) I immediately thought of the times at work when this sort of experience had occurred and the benefit of creating times of BIM mindfulness.

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