Missed BILTna? Head Over to BILTeur!

Deadlines and other work / life / schedule get in the way of attending BILTna in Toronto this year? Not to worry – BILTeur in Aarhus, Denmark is only 4 weeks away.

What? Your director believes it’s too expensive to fly to an international conference? We beg to differ!

Checking Google Flights from the east coast of the US to Copenhagen (airport code CPH) and you’ll discover that it’s likely cheaper to fly to Europe than to fly to the west coast. Then take the non-stop train from the Copenhagen airport (CPH Lufthavn) to Aarhus (Aarhus H) to complete your trip. You can also save a bit of money if you book in advance at https://www.dsb.dk/en/. Get a reserved seat near the window and relax as the landscape rolls by.

What’s left? Oh yeah…register for the eventĀ here!

While you’re at it – why not arrive a bit early or leave a bit late and check out some inspiring architecture! http://www.visitaarhus.com/ln-int/denmark/art-gallery/art-and-architecture-in-aarhus

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