My Top 8 Reasons Why I Speak at RTC

There are many benefits associated with speaking at an RTC event. Take it from me, I have spoken at a total of 9 RTC events thus far and I find it to be both professionally and personally rewarding. I have compiled a list of my 8 top reasons why I speak at RTC year after year.

1.    Makes the industry a better place.

The whole point of the RTC conference, in my humble opinion, is for skilled professionals to share their knowledge with others so that the industry will benefit. The most effective way for me to share my knowledge is by speaking at an RTC event. When I present at an RTC event I know I am helping the industry solve their software and workflow problems. Before I decide to speak on a particular topic I first determine if it is something that is needed in the industry then I go about trying to solve that problem. I want to become part of the solution and becoming a RTC speakers does that for me.

2.    Makes me a better professional.

The RTC community are comprised of the top experts in the industry. They expect me, as an RTC speaker, to deliver a presentation that contains great technical content that is delivered in an engaging and interesting way. Yes, it is a lot of pressure. However, it also makes me a better person both professionally and personally.

When I speak at RTC on a topic, I take it upon myself to learn that topic to the best of my ability. I put my entire heart and soul into the preparation of that RTC class. Through this preparation process I also learn new software and skills that benefit me. So if you are ever thinking of increasing your professional skills just get accepted to speak at RTC and through your class research and preparation you will instantly increase your skills! It is a win-win.

3.    Builds my professional network.

I have literally met thousands of people at the RTC events over the years. From these meetings I have made some amazing friends, peers, and professional relationships. Networking and building relationships with other professionals in our industry is a must and it’s easy to do if you are a RTC speaker.

4.    Exposes me to the industry.

Without even trying, I was automatically recognized as an expert in industry just by speaking at RTC. Why? Because it is widely understood that if you are presenting a topic at RTC then you must be an expert in that particular area. Also, presenting at RTC builds conference speaking experience, which in turn allows you to get more conference speaking engagements which in turn gets you more experience and more speaking experience is always a plus.

5.    Makes me a better public speaker.

I could honestly say that I would not be the speaker I am today without RTC allowing me to present at their conferences. Speaking at a technical conference greatly improves your public speaking skills because you have to be engaging, interesting, and technically competent. Speaking at an RTC event is no easy task but it will definitely make you a better public speaker and good public speaking skills are always a desired skill in our industry.

6.    Helps me deal with Rejection.

Let’s face it, you could not become a speaker at RTC unless you submit an abstract. I would recommend that you submit more than 1 abstract to increase your chances of getting accepted. You also increase your chances of getting rejected by doing this. If this happens, don’t look at rejection as a bad thing. Turn it into a good thing and think about all the benefits that go along with being rejected including being able to submit the abstract again the next year. Preparing and submitting an abstract just to get rejected is never a waste of time. I know from experience that every abstract I submit I had to spend a significant amount of time researching that topic to determine if it was worthy of sharing with the community. Through that process I learned a lot about that topic and how it is needed in the industry and even if it gets rejected I still win! RTC currently has abstract submissions open for their 2017 RTC ANZ event.

7.    Forces me to update my resume!

The abstract submittal process is a good time for me to update my resume and convert it into a 150-word short bio, which I submit with my abstract. I surprise myself on how much I did during the year when I put it all down in writing. I also use that information to update my LinkedIn page and so on.

8.    Helps me convince my boss to send me to RTC

It is no secret that speakers at the RTC events get some pretty good perks including getting their conference fee part paid for, or better. I myself would have never been allowed to attend as many RTC events as I did if I had to ask my company to pay the full price of the conference. Getting RTC to cover some of the costs of the conference by becoming a speaker is very beneficial to you, your company, and your company’s wallet and  it is much easier for you to convince your boss to send you to RTC.

If you liked any of these reasons on why I speak at RTC then you should go out there and submit an abstract for RTC ANZ and try to get accepted to speak at RTC. You will be glad you did. I am glad I did!

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