Need Help Gaining Approval to Attend RTC?

Let us help you justify your attendance to RTC.

A lot of us would love to attend RTC for all the benefits that it brings to our skills and careers, for how it can improve the quality and output of our work, and how it allows us to innovate and develop – as teams and individuals. We might even have a good time! We’ll certainly develop a range of contacts that will be of great value in the future. However, our firm or department’s management may not see it this way.  They may well perceive an event such as RTC simply as an expense, or worse, a junket.  If you don’t tell them how much it means to you – particularly after the event, not just when seeking to go – their perception will play into any approval decisions.

What we need to do is put the case for your attendance at RTC, in clear and simple terms that convey to management the benefits to your organisation from your attendance. To help with this, we have provided some tips, and a sample letter (via the link below) that you can use as a starting point for building the case for your attendance. Feel free to copy/paste and modify to your own voice, but keep it short, and focussed on the benefits to the firm or department, and not on your desire to attend.

Outline the relevance, technical benefits, networking opportunities and value for money. Make sure you commit to tangible benefits and ensure you deliver on them – otherwise, you know what the answer will be next time!

Remember, this year for the first time, we are offering streams in construction, planning and estimating. And it’s not just about Revit® software anymore.


Read more about gaining approval and download a sample letter.

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