New and Improved

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all back home no worse for wear!

While many of you slept in on Sunday (while as many of you never went to sleep :) the RTC Committee was meeting in the early hours and began discussing what we could have done to make this year’s North America better and what we can do to improve next year’s event.

We do this while the event is fresh in all of our minds and we can’t leave the room until we’re done with the day’s agenda. Your experience as a delegate, sponsor, speaker and exhibitor is paramount to us. Every critique and compliment is important to everyone. And if you’re able to listen in you’d likely be very surprised how observant and critical we can be about the smallest detail. And then we write all the comments down to make sure they’re taken into account the following year.

In the next day or so you should receive an email from RTC. You’re receiving this email because you attended the North American event. So first of all – thank you! We know you consider RTC an investment that must justify a return. And we hope this was the case.

Secondly – you’ll be receiving this email because we’ll be inquiring about your experience at this year’s event. Please don’t disregard this opportunity to review your conference – for users, by users – remember? Don’t go easy on the criticisms either – we’re a pretty thick skinned group and like working on all our behalf to improve each conference year to year.

That’s about it! Hope you’ve walked into the office this morning refreshed, recharged and ready to recover the investment of attending RTC! How about holding a lunchtime session that reviews some great tips from the conference? Or maybe a training session that discusses a more in-depth solution? It’s really up to you – just remember to share the goodness!

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