New Roundtable Session

In case you missed it, The abstract submission portal opened last week (link here) And we want you!

Did you catch the new session type?

The new Simultaneous Roundtable session type is new for 2019 based on feedback from multiple speakers and attendees. The purpose of this Roundtable session is to allow for a more selective and deeper dive into your Subject Du Jour. These sessions will have a maximum of 10-12 participants in the hopes for a more in-depth discussion and feedback.

  • Do you have a crazy idea that you want to filter through a few peers?
  • What about a thoughtful follow up to your lab, lecture or other session?
  • A thoughtful lessons learned from the trenches to be shared and discussed with other like-minded members?

This is just a few of the advantages of the new Roundtable session.

There is a catch. You (as the facilitator) need to be confident enough in your topic to carry the roundtable in the event that the other attendees are not talkative. You’ll need to have a structured outline/agenda ahead of time in order to properly facilitate the discussion.

There will be a deliverable: someone needs to take copious notes and deliver a detailed “Lessons Learned” or similar document within two weeks of the conference. If you’re not sure who can help you with this, we can assist you to find someone.

The Roundtable session may be proposed for all four events (BCS, DTS, Data Day and BILT) and will be one of many roundtables running simultaneously. Overall, this is a great opportunity for in-depth discussion and feedback. It’s also a great opportunity for someone that hasn’t been a speaker to lead a discussion rather than a presentation.

If you have any questions about this or want more information, feel free to contact our lovely Speaker Manager, Desiree Mackey

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