Not another BIM content summit

If BIM is not hype to you, but rather a practice your firm has been embracing for a while, chances are you’ve come across events, workshops and papers on what BIM means for your bottom line. The BCS (Building Content Summit) goes beyond answering this question. It’s easy to talk about the dos and don’ts, proper BIM content, and the importance of collaboration throughout a building’s lifecycle. Yet somehow, an inspirational workshop doesn’t necessarily give you out-of-the-box tools to BIM better.


One of the biggest challenges many businesses face today is convincing people at all levels to adjust to a BIM-compliant way of working. Reasons include limited standardization of data, and guidelines on how to achieve that. Developing a 3D building model is just a small step within the process. We’ve rolled up our sleeves at the BCS and we’d like to work together with you, to:

  • make an impact in a region;
  • develop a uniform way of applying different standards;
  • make sure that everyone understands and follows their utilization.


With a presence across four continents, BCS is here to stay. As an organization, we’ve set high goals on bridging the gap between talking about BIM practices and implementing them at the workplace. Together, we can create a stronger vision on standardized digital content. Only by working closely as an industry can we move forward and enhance the Virtual Digital Construction process. This requires a strong team effort from all parties across and within industries including manufacturers, the AEC industry, C-level executives and organizations. Most of all, it requires an exchange of knowledge.


At this year’s event we would like to set the tone for a more open-minded community where attendees gather to learn, share, ask and go back armed with useful and actionable information on BIM content, data standardization, collaboration, and best practices. After this 2-day Summit, you’ll successfully have completed a survival guide on how to properly work in a BIM-compliant way and utilize it’s content to the fullest.


Stay tuned for more details next month!

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