Not Paul Aubin

We all know Paul Aubin – Revit consultant, writer and video author extraordinaire. This post isn’t about him. Nor is it about his alter ego “Cinnamon” (long story – buy him a drink and he’ll tell you all about it…:)

This post is about his very talented son Marcus. Turns out Marcus isn’t really all that hyped about Revit. However, the kind of care and attention to detail that Paul brings to teaching Revit is the same care and attention to detail that Marcus brings to film making. 

Marcus is a teenage filmmaker who creates short films for his own entertainment as well as highlight reels, recruiting videos, documentaries, and more for his school and other business related industries.

Check out Marcus’ YouTube Channel over here. And while watching the video at the top of the post, don’t be surprised if you see yourself among the highlights. That’s right – you signed a waver and now you’re on the internet! 

At the 2014 RTC North American conference in Chicago, Marcus carefully recorded hours of footage during all aspects of the conference: Keynote, Classes and Labs, Evening Functions and even the Gala Dinner. And then he worked long hours to expertly tell a story in just a few moments that highlights the experience that is RTC.

The link above is from the 2014 RTC Conference in North America. And we think you’ll agree that Marcus is skilled beyond his years so we’re interested to see what the future holds!

Well done Marcus! Don’t let your dad get all the attention. Revit is just software. But “Film is Forever”!

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