Opening Soon!

Are you ready to attend #RTCNA 2017? Of course not! That’s like 10 months away. Plenty of time!

However, if you’re planning to speak at the North American conference in Toronto, the abstract submission portal opens in two weeks! Two weeks?! That’s nearly tomorrow!

Time to starting thinking about possible submissions now and jot down a few notes.

Fair warning: every year there’s always a few proposed submissions that are high are snark and low on specifics. The likelihood of being selected to present based on this kind of submission is extremely low. The reviewing committee can’t risk accepting what is perceived as a “cavalier” proposal out of concern that that the class will be more of the same.

So after last year’s review I decided to draft a “Successful Presentation Abstract” (download link). If in doubt, check it out. Hopefully it’ll help you get selected as a speaker for next year’s conference!

See you in Toronto – where half of you will be immigrating regardless of which way the US election goes!

Good luck!

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