Our Wish for BCS Europe – Let’s Make Manufacturers Content More Functional!

Guest blog from a customer point of view by Silvia Taurer / LRCZ
At BCS we refer to the main stakeholders as a tripod of C’s: Commissioners – for instance manufacturers, Creators – content or services and Customers – Architects, BIM Managers, Engineers, others.

BCS is designed to facilitate lively discussions and to pin point the issues we are having in using pre-built content. So what are the issues?
An example: We download a piece of content from a manufacturer’s site or via a distributing agent and the result is:

  • Object styles that we would never have dreamt would exist – since every content creator invents their own!
  • Materials – Materials galore, ill-named, badly set—up, you name it!
  • Parameters – PARAMETERS – overkill, manufacturer’s parameters get sucked into our model, the shared parameters file becomes compromised, pure mayhem and hours of work for a BIM Manager to clean up.
  • Language – our customers are sensitive to foreign languages, so naming conventions towards materials, object and sub-object styles as well as parameters should better take this fact into account.
  • Quite a lot of families that we can download from either manufacturer’s sites or content distribution outlets pass simple test in terms of flexing the geometry and then tend to break easily when fed with the wrong parameter values. This is an issue especially for high quality content that can be resolved and definitely needs to be addressed in order to make manufacturers content as well as their product look good and reliable.
  • Line styles, line patterns, filled regions styles – everybody does their own thing and it just ends up in the BIM – another time consuming clean up act for the BIM Manager.
  • Sloppy build content with dwg imports …………… the list becomes endless…..

It’s high time we find a common ground to make manufacturers content more usable and less painful to use. BCS strives to be a platform to address these and other related issues. Is there a solution to all these aforementioned issues? We look forward to seeing you at BCS Europe, Wednesday 19th October, Porto!

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